Uses of the mobile that surely you do not know and that you will love

Since the Smartphone came into our possession, our life has changed. But it is not that it has changed and that’s it, the good thing is that it will continue to change and for the better. Today we talk about 4 mobile uses that surely you do not know.

Calling, sending messages, watching television, playing games, paying … everything and more is what we can do today with our mobiles. But, apart from this, we can also do other uses that you surely did not know.

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Can you imagine stopping using the keys to open the door of your house with the iPhone? or better yet … Can you imagine always carrying your home phone with you? Next we are going to tell you four things that we can do with our mobile device and that, shortly, everyone will use.

4 uses of the mobile that, surely, you do not know:

  • Open doors with the mobile:

It is too early to know if in the near future, we can replace a door key with a mobile phone. For a particular use it may be that we are far from this function, but in hotels it is already being implemented.

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The Hilton hotel chain has just introduced its Digital Key in Spain. Specifically, the Hotel Hilton Diagonal Mar, in Barcelona, ​​will allow you to open the doors of the rooms from your mobile, without the need for any physical support. This «key» will be downloaded as an app on your mobile when you check in at the hotel.

Uses of the mobile that surely you do not know and that you will love

Digital key

This will also serve to access other common areas of the hotel such as gym, elevators….

  • Monitor your front door from your iPhone:

Ring is an intelligent doorbell that replaces the conventional one that we have at the door of the house. Come on, it replaces what we know as a door phone.

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Uses of the mobile that surely you do not know and that you will love

Ring lets you see who’s calling home, wherever you are

This product incorporates a camera and a motion sensor. In turn, it will be connected to the Wi-Fi at home and every time someone knocks on the door, we can see on the screen of our mobile, who it is.

The app also allows you to communicate by voice with whoever is calling, wherever you are.

This device also increases the security of the house by recording all the movements that take place at the door of the house, even in the dark.

  • Withdraw money from ATM:

Surely you do not know that you can withdraw money from the ATM without having to carry the card with you.

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Uses of the mobile that surely you do not know and that you will love

Withdraw money with your mobile and without the need for a card

Today, each entity has its own application and to be able to withdraw money from the mobile, it is normally done in the following way. We will make the request for the amount to be withdrawn at an ATM. The branch sends a security code by message to the mobile phone or the bank’s application. This code must be validated at the ATM and when we validate it, we can withdraw the amount.

So you know, when you have to withdraw cash from an ATM and you do not have the card with you, enter your bank’s app and process the withdrawal from your mobile.

  • Turn on the lights and heating remotely:

It is part of home automation. Today there are smart bulbs that, through a WIFI connection, allow us to be manipulated from the mobile itself.

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Uses of the mobile that surely you do not know and that you will love

Control your home lights from your iPhone

We can be in Hawaii and from our iPhone, we can turn on and off the lights in our home. Some of them even allow you to even change color.

As for heating, there are companies that allow you to control the temperature of your home from a distance. These same manufacturers have studies that show significant energy savings using this type of device.

What do you think? You knew these uses.

The mobile has positioned itself as one of the most important objects in our lives. Now, looking at the uses of the mobile, we can say that this has only just begun and that, apart from allowing us to communicate, it will help us to manage, control, etc … almost all the “sections” of our life.

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In the future, losing the smartphone is going to be a problem.

And you … did you know these uses of the mobile ?. If you know of any other, we would love for you to share it with the entire community by writing it in the comments of this article.


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