Valve Addresses Steam Security Vulnerabilities

The news has come to light that some games of Steam were subject to security vulnerabilities that could have left player machines open to hackers.

Valve patches Steam security vulnerabilities

Fortunately, Check Point Research tracked down Steam’s security issues and alerted Valve to the issues, as confirmed in a Article recently published.

Cyber ​​threat intelligence researchers discovered four vulnerabilities in the Steam Sockets network library. These vulnerabilities left certain Steam games open to attack, along with the players themselves.

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What were the Steam vulnerabilities?

As mentioned, there were four vulnerabilities that hackers could expose and then use to attack certain games and individual players. Threatened games included Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, and CS: GO.

The first Allows a hacker to remotely block an opponent’s game, which means that he can force his opponent to lose the game.

The second Allows hackers to force the collapse of an entire opposing team’s games. This, dubbed by Check Point as a “nuclear rage abandonment,” ensures that the hacker’s team wins.

The third The vulnerability allowed hackers to exploit third-party games. Not only could the hacker perform the above two actions, he could also infiltrate and take over the game server to do so.

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The room It allowed hackers to gain access to the server and run their own code, which could lead to new threats, as well as kicking opposing players from the server.

What should you do about the Steam vulnerabilities?

Actually, you don’t need to do anything. Valve has already patched these vulnerabilities within two days of learning about them. This, thanks to the dedicated work of the security experts, Check Point Research.

Check Point has this to say on the subject:

We recommend all third-party game players (non-Valve games) to verify that their game customers received an update after September 4, 2020, as this is the date that Valve patched the library.

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Therefore, if you play any games on Steam, which Valve did not develop, you should refer to the Downloads section at the bottom of the page for a Steam game. This will inform you if it has an update.

If not, Check Point continues to suggest that you contact the developers of the third-party games that have not released updates and politely ask if they plan to do so.

Stay safe on Steam

Steam is generally a safe place to shop and play. It is a reliable platform that Steam demonstrates for its quick response to these security threats.

If you are concerned about hackers or threats of any kind, you should always make sure that your computer has the latest updates installed and that you have good virus protection from a trusted source.

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Staying safe on Steam is the same as staying safe anywhere else online. As long as you take the correct precautions, you shouldn’t run into many problems.