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Watch Youtube videos on your TV

Watch Youtube videos on your TV

Today we are going to teach you watch Youtube videos on your TV.

we all use Youtube to watch any video, listen to music…whatever we use it for, not a day goes by that we haven’t used this application. Let’s say it’s our TV on demand, because with this service, we can watch everything we want and whenever we want.

And now, with the official YouTube application, we have the option to watch all these videos on television or on the console. In the case of the console (PS3 and Xbox), we just have to download the YouTube application and that’s it. And you will see Youtube videos on your TV, and you can control them with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Of course, in order to carry out this process, we need the application Youtube official.Once downloaded, we access it. We are going to carry out the example from an iPhone, in the other devices, the process to follow is the same.

Once inside, we go to our account settings, to do this, click on the horizontal bars that appear at the top left.

A menu will be displayed, in which we will have to click on the settings icon. We will recognize it, because it is the same icon that appears in all applications. In case we don’t know which one it is, it’s the one on the top right.

Now we are in the settings, here if we scroll down, we will see a tab that says “Connected TVs”. It will be here where we must press to connect with the TV or console.

Inside, we will find a gray bar with a message, “Enter synchronization code”. This code will be provided by the app that we have installed on our console or TV, to obtain it we will have to repeat this same process:

  1. Enter the app.
  2. Go into settings and look for the Synchronization option.
  3. Copy the code into the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch app.

And in this way, we can watch YouTube videos on your TV and also control these videos with our iOS device. A simple way to enjoy our favorite videos in a big way, that is, on our television.