We already have the expected voice calls on Telegram

We finally have voice calls in Telegram to be able to call any contact we have and also with very good quality.

Today we talk about the voice calls on Telegram, an option that we had already seen in WhatsApp and that we finally have in this other instant messaging application.

Telegram It stands out for the number of functions it has and for being one of the most complete instant messaging applications on the market. But this time, they have arrived a little later than their main competitor and the one that has the kingdom of this market.

We are talking about these voice calls, which are sure to save us some money at the end of the month.

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The first thing we must do is update the app to the latest version, in this way we will have all the news that they present to us. Among them we will find the voice calls of which we are going to talk to you right now.

To make a call, it is as simple as going to the contact with whom we want to establish a call and entering the conversation.

Once inside, click on the name that appears at the top. When clicking on this name, we will see how a menu is displayed and within said menu the option of “Call”.

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We already have the expected voice calls on Telegram

It will be here where we must press to start the call. The main screen of this call will be very familiar to us, since the only thing that appears is the hang-up button or the speakerphone button. In addition to the background, the profile photo of the contact with whom we are going to communicate will appear.

In this simple way we can make use of voice calls in Telegram, a function that has been expected for a long time, but is finally here.