What is Guided Access on iPhone and what is it for?

We are going to explain one of the most useful and little used functions of the iPhone Y iPad. We are going to tell you what it is guided access and what are its uses.

Guided Access on iPhone

We thought that in our long history we had dedicated an article to this very interesting option of iOS, but no. That is why today we are going to tell you what guided access is and the functionalities that we can give it.

It is a function that allows us to lend our mobile to whoever we want without giving them the opportunity to get into any application, photos… information that we do not want them to see. For example, if we want to leave the iPhone to our son so that he only plays clash royalewe can do it by preventing you from leaving that game to play another or to do anything.

How to turn on Guided Access on iPhone:

If you want to make use of this function, the first thing you have to do is activate it. To do this, go to Settings / Accessibility / Guided access.

When entering, we must enable it and we recommend that you define a code or activate Face ID that will allow us to deactivate this function. Also, we recommend activating «Quick function«, which will allow us to quickly access and activate guided access, pressing 3 times in a row on the power off button of the iPhone.

Turn on and set up iPhone Guided Access

Once configured, we already have it available to use.

Try to enter any application and, by pressing the power button 3 times, the function will be activated directly. If you have more functions configured in the «Shortcut», we will have to choose «Guided access» to activate it.

Set up iPhone before giving it to someone:

As soon as this function is activated, a screen will appear where we can configure different aspects of it.

By clicking on “Options”, which appears at the bottom left of the screen, we can enable or disable all these options:

Enable and disable features

Depending on what app it is, you will have more or fewer features to enable.

We also have the possibility to surround the areas of the screen that we want to deactivate so that they cannot be interacted with.

Disable areas of the screen

Once configured, click on start and we can leave the iPhone to anyone we want. You will not be able to exit that app and you will not be able to perform any actions that we have disabled.

How to remove Guided Access on iPhone:

One of the most controversial issues with this feature is that many users don’t know how to exit Guided Access. If you are not the owner of the device I have to tell you that you will not be able to do it.

if it’s you iPhone you can exit it by pressing the power off button 2 times or, also, by pressing it 3 times (this way allows you to modify the configuration of the function). With Face ID enabled, recognizing your face will automatically turn it off. Configured a code you will have to put it to deactivate it.

Undoubtedly a great function to take into account if you usually leave the iPhone to other people.