What is the duration of a frame in Final Cut Pro in seconds? Is it possible to specify it?

It took 23 frames and 0.92 seconds for the ball to travel from the first image to the second, so one frame is 0.04 seconds long, with 0.1 slowness (so the ball speed is about 150km / h) . How can I specify the length of the frame? Is it possible to specify the precise and arbitrary length of the canvasio over time?

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The length of a frame is proportional to the frames per second of the clip.

Professional movies and HD television are typically set up with a base frame rate of 23.98 fps. So, 1 frame will be 1 / 23.98 of a second.

Further details on the specification and base frame rate adjustment in Final Cut Pro can be read indepth here: 26tasks = true

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