What’s the worst that will happen if I don’t update iTunes to its latest version?

Okay, I like iTunes, and it’s wonderful software. I have run it on Windows, unfortunately sometimes when I do updates on minor version updates, the whole iTunes windows pane becomes unresponsive and behaves strangely. So I decided not to upgrade for a few months. Is it wise, or will it have some security loophole in my computer.

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The only way to know this is to look at the release notes for each subsequent version of iTunes and see if the release has any security content.

This will change over time, but the current version of iTunes for Windows is 12.1.2, for which the release notes are available here:

You will notice that security is not mentioned for this release, but you must be aware of future releases so that you can check the notes when it comes out to see if any flaws have been created.

It might be easier instead of following some Mac news blogs, as all stories are typically run when an update is released.

Overall, however, I wouldn’t say this is a huge security risk.

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