WhatsApp allows you to go from voice call to video call, easily

The new version of WhatsApp, 2.18.22 brings with it an interesting function. Allows us switch from a voice call to a video call, within the same call. No need to hang up.

And is that if you have updated to the new version of this app, you can go from a normal voice call, to a video call, simply by pressing a button.

Thanks to the new profile of Twitter Whatsapp_iOS, which we recommend you follow and with which we collaborate by contributing our tutorials, we found out about this new functionality.


🆙Version 2.18.22

🎉Support is added for quick switching between voice and video calls. pic.twitter.com/mmYUX4vqjI

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— Whatsapp  (@whatsapp_ios) February 11, 2018

Surely for many it will not seem like a great advance, but those of us who, for example are parents, do not know how many times we have had to hang up a call from WhatsApp to call back by making a video call. That phrase of … “you are with the child … make me a video call so that I can see it”, we have suffered a lot. Now with this new function, we will avoid that action and everything will be faster.

Of course, it only works if your contact also has the app updated to its latest version. If not … you will be left with the desire.

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How to go from a voice call to a video call on WhatsApp:

The passage from one to the other is really simple. We are going to base ourselves on the tweet of Whatsapp_iOS, to explain …

WhatsApp allows you to go from voice call to video call, easily

Press on the photo to access the tweet

As you can see, when making a voice call, we have a button where it says «Video call» (the central one). That is the place where we must press to switch to a video call.

It will ask us if we want to make the change, in case we have accidentally pressed the button with the cheek, finger, etc …, and after clicking on «Change» we will be in direct contact with our interlocutor.

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An interesting improvement for people who usually make video calls and calls through this app. Every day more, the users of this messaging application, use this way of communicating more. It’s free, and it works better every day.

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