WhatsApp celebrates its tenth birthday with a Video

WhatsApp celebrates its tenth birthday. The company is marking the occasion by highlighting some key milestones along the way …

The company launched as a one-to-one messaging service on February 24, 2009. Co-location was its first major update in June 2010.

Group chat was launched in 2011. The platform also hit a new record of one billion messages sent in one day later that year.

Voicemails were added in 2013, a year before the company will reach 500 million users and was acquired by Facebook.

The web application was launched in 2015, with the desktop app and video calling added in 2016. That was also the year the company switched to end-to-end encryption. Equally reached 1 billion monthly active users.

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In 2017, usage increased from one billion users per month to one billion users per day. The status function was also introduced.

We finally got group calls and Stickers in 2018, with the WhatsApp Business app also released, before Face ID / Touch ID security was added this year. The company doesn’t actually mention that, perhaps because a glitch was encountered shortly thereafter.

WhatsApp celebrates its tenth birthday

WhatsApp celebrates its tenth birthday with this video that we show you below:

WhatsApp: The most valued App in Spain

In Spain it has become the most valued social network and in a decade it has managed to “hook” more than 25 million Spaniards, more than half of the country’s population (46.6 million).

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According to the IAB Spain report, the average age of Spanish users is 38.1 years; 52% are women and 48% are men.

What’s more, 88% access this social network through their mobile phone; although 20% do so through the computer and 16% through the tablet.

Spanish adolescents between 14 and 16 also choose WhatsApp for day-to-day contact with friends and family, according to the study “ICT and its influence on adolescent socialization”, carried out by the Foundation for Help against Drug Addiction (FAD), Google and BBVA, presented a few days ago.