WhatsApp does it again. It hides us a novelty of its last update

New WhatsApp update and the developers hide us again a novelty that brings its new version 2.18.81. Do not worry. We will tell you about it.

What’s new in WhatsApp forwarding

Few hours ago WhatsApp has received a new update. This installs in our iPhone, version 2.18.81. A version that apart from correcting errors, brings interesting news.

On the one hand, the improvement in terms of Siri synchronization with the application and on the other, the possibility of making group calls and video calls.

But apart from these news, it brings another one that does not warn and that we will tell you below.

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The number of forwardings we can do on WhatsApp is limited:

WhatsApp does it again.  It hides us a novelty of its last update

Whatsapp 2.18.81

As you can see in the image above, there is nothing new apart from those mentioned above … right? Well false. There is another interesting ‘improvement’. A novelty that we already notified you a few weeks ago and that we already have it in force. Now WhatsApp limits us the forwarding of messages (read the linked article to know the reason for this limitation).

As always when a new update comes to this messaging app, we test it thoroughly. We knew that this app would have to arrive shortly and… it arrived. Here’s the sample:

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WhatsApp does it again.  It hides us a novelty of its last update

Limited forwarding on Whatsapp

From now on we can only forward a received message, to a maximum of 20 chats between private conversations and groups. And we can be satisfied knowing that in other countries, such as India, forwarding is limited to just 5 chats.

What do you think of this novelty? … is it going to affect your use of the application?

The developers of WhatsApp have taken action on the matter of forwarded messages and part of let us know about them, now limits them.

Read the following link if you want prevent the “Forwarded” message from appearing on forwarding.