WhatsApp Free for Everyone

A few years ago WhatsApp It advertised that it was no longer free after having said it would not be. Many users even stopped using the application even though the cost was less than € 1. Now without warning and with some scare, WhatsApp start giving licenses for life completely free of charge.

Users have already started to progressively receive their license but more than one he got a good scare. And is that After it appeared to us that our license would be for life and we would no longer worry about the payment, after a while this same license was taken away from us. In the end the thing was fixed and we returned to have our WhatsApp totally free forever.

Users are now happier and not worried about looking at its duration. Anyway, If we want to know that it has been applied successfully we will have to go to the settings and there to the account section, where in payment information It will tell us if we have it or if, on the contrary, we will have to wait. It will reach all users so there is no reason to be alarmed.

From now on WhatsApp will try to get more benefits from companies and not the particular user.

But we also have users who ever paid for the application, AND what will happen to them? Then probably nothingWhoever paid before will simply be unlucky enough to have spent a few euros. In the case of having had to pay every year, the maximum cost would simply amount to about € 3.35. It is not much but it is also true that it will have been spent in vain.

Like it or not, WhatsApp seems to be abandoning the payment for its use again. We will see if this time it is definitive.

To check if your license has already been extended for free, you can check it at

If you want to know if your WhatsApp service has become free, or not, you can check it in the following Settings> Account> Payment information.