WhatsApp now with a new camera!

WhatsApp continues to surprise with news in its version beta. This time it is the turn of a totally renewed camera, more useful and elegant. If the latest news from the WhatsApp instant messaging app – the quick response or sending PDF from the cloud – knew little about you, now we must add the recent arrival of a camera Material Design style and more comfortable to wear. Specifically, this camera that we will talk about next makes its appearance in the Android app on its version 2.16.5. Don’t miss our post to find out what this change is like!

From the famous website called Android Police they echoed the arrival of the new camera to WhatsApp. As we told you visually, it introduces changes that make it more consistent with the general aesthetics of the app. The first thing we are going to do is comment on the changes in the operation. In the attached image you can see the aesthetics of the new camera. What remains the same is that a quick tap on the shutter is used to take a photo. What’s new is that with a long touch on the shutter you can record video.

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There is also another novelty in the WhatsApp camera, and you can also see it in the image that we have attached. When sending a photo to one of your contacts, you can choose which image to send from a floating image carousel. And to finish we will comment on the latest novelty that has been introduced. It is that the shipping confirmation has changed slightly. Now you will meet the typical floating send button. Of course, it is a good novelty of the popular messaging application, and although it is focused on a very specific thing, it improves the general set of the app.

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