Whatsapp or Line, the duel of instant messaging

Today we bring you a duel between 2 great instant messaging applications. After this duel, we will see who wins, if WhatsApp or Line.

let’s start with WhatsApp. This APP is the most used among most of us, perhaps it is the most used, because it was one of the first to appear and therefore we have all used it. But what does it offer us? What this APP offers us is the possibility of sending and receiving text messages, photos, videos, audio… and all this completely “free”. One but that this great APP has is that you have to pay €0.99 every year for its services, the amount to pay is not outrageous, but in the app store there are many applications that offer this same service for free.


  • Send and receive messages, photos, videos…
  • All our contacts have this APP


  • server crashes
  • Can’t make calls
  • No desktop app on PC/MAC

As for Line, its main virtue is the already famous stickers. These “stickers” mean that this APP has gained a large number of downloads in recent months, and apart from its great speed when sending and receiving messages, if we add these stickers, we could be talking about an APP almost perfect. But not everything is good, perhaps this application would have several things left over to become perfect, such as games, the timeline (Twitter style)… Unlike WhatsApp, this APP is totally free, it does not have an annual payment service .


  • free calls
  • Multiplatform (we can find it on PC and Mac)
  • stickers
  • Fluency
  • Personalization
  • Send and receive messages, photos, videos…


  • Hardly anyone in our circle of contacts has this APP
  • Twitter style timeline
  • Games


Now, having made this brief introduction to these 2 great applications, the moment of truth arrives, deciding between Whatsapp or Line.

Whatsapp imposes an annual payment of €0.99 (those who bought the APP do not have to pay for this service), this payment can make many people stop using this instant messaging service. This is where its main competitor comes into play, as Line has gained many users due to this payment. We remember that Line is completely free.

In terms of functionality, from our point of view, Line wins lane, mostly because it rarely or never suffers server crashes. Contrary to WhatsApp, which has given more than one of us more than a head warm-up. One point that is very against WhatsApp is the time that they have made us wait for its update to iOS 7, which only included an image wash in the purest style of iOS 7, something that many people ended up getting tired of and decided to change. of APP.

Having seen all this, we see that Line takes advantage of WhatsApp errors to gain users, users who, once they change, see that this APP is very fluid and, above all, very customizable. Perhaps something that the creator of Line will regret is how long it took to release this application, and that is that once it came to light, its main competitor was already among us and was on all our devices.

Therefore, for us, the winner is Line for its fluidity, customization and above all for those fun stickers. But its strong point is the free calls and the fact that it is multiplatform, so we can enjoy it on both PC and Mac. But what about you, What do you prefer, Whatsapp or Line?

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