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WhatsApp reactions will allow you to use more emojis

WhatsApp reactions will allow you to use more emojis

One last beta of WhatsApp has revealed that more emojis than expected can be used in the expected reactions of the app.

When will reactions arrive on WhatsApp?

For some time now there has been a future novelty of WhatsApp quite exposed. We talk about the reactions to messages in the app that, like some other apps owned by Facebook, would allow us to react to messages sent to us within the app.

How to react to messages It would be through different emojis that the app would show us by holding down one of the messages. And the different emojis, it seemed, would be a total of 6 to be able to express different emotions as it happens on Facebook for example.

It seems that we could customize the emojis to react to WhatsApp messages

But, from what has been known thanks to one of the latest betas of the application, from WhatsApp They are testing so that this function is much more personal and that the users themselves are the ones who “customize” it.

The way to achieve this would be allowing you to use more emojis than the 6 presets. This follows from the leaks that have been obtained thanks to the beta version of the app and that is, now, one more icon appears that is the one that gives the clue.

The “+” symbol in reactions

The icon in question, at the end of the 6 emojis present so far, is the “+” icon. This symbol seems to want to indicate that, if we click on it, we could choose any emoji from all those that are integrated into our device to react to the message.

At the moment, there is not much evidence that this, but it would make perfect sense and would be desirable to be able to react with any emoji to the messages. What do you think about it? Do you prefer it or would you prefer to be able to react only with the 6 emojis that seemed to be available when this feature was launched?