WhatsApp video call, available to everyone

We finally have the WhatsApp video call available. Little by little all users will be activated.

It was time. We were all looking forward to this feature, which was said to arrive in 2017, but apparently it has been anticipated and we already have it available to all users of ios and other operating systems.

But… you don’t have it available yet? Don’t worry, apparently they will be activating the function little by little for all users. It may take hours and even a few days before you can make a video call by Whatsapp from your iPhone.

The company has given all the information in a statement issued through its blog. Here we show you the most important paragraph of the entire writing …

“Today we are excited to announce the next step in our effort to connect more users: the WhatsApp video call. In the next few days, the more than 1 billion WhatsApp users will be able to make video calls between Android users, iPhone and Windows Phone devices. »


We do not have it active, but we already informed you in one of our articles, how we can make the video call. In any case, we will remind you again.

To perform a Whatsapp video callWe will only have to click on the call button that appears in the upper right part of each chat (personal and not group). If you do not have the function activated, you will immediately start calling that contact. If you have active video calls, a menu with two options will appear. One option is audio call and the other is video call.

It’s easy to make those kinds of audiovisual calls.

We remember that if you do it with your mobile data network, you are going to suffer a lot. A video call from WhatsApp, per minute, you can consume a few 33mb. Be careful with that because you can run out of your coveted and coveted mobile data, in one fell swoop.

In addition, as they tell us from Xatakamóvil, they can consume up to 5 times more data than other apps that allow video calls. Look at the following image.

Image from Xatakamovil.com

So, as soon as they activate them in your iPhoneBe careful with this high data consumption.