WhatsApp video calls reach all iPhones

WhatsApp video calls have reached all iPhones and also in a very simple way and with excellent quality.

Today we are going to teach you make WhatsApp video calls, one of the most anticipated novelties and that has undoubtedly surprised by its excellent quality.

As we have been commenting for a long time, this instant messaging platform is improving remarkably and we have more and better news every time. We already told you that we would soon have video calls and we will talk about them in this article (press HERE).

But now we show you how to make these calls from an iPhone and also what we can do with them, since we can minimize them.

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If we have already updated to the latest version, and if we have not done it, we must do it now, we will see that at the top we have a new icon, very similar to a video camera.

To make a video call, we will have to click on this icon, yes, at the moment we can only do them privately, that is, we cannot make them in groups.

WhatsApp video calls reach all iPhones

Once we click on this button, our video call will begin, but we have one more option. We can minimize this call and leave it small on one side, so that we can continue writing, in addition to seeing each other.

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To do this, during the video call, we will see that in the upper left we have a small arrow, which if we press, the screen will remain so …

WhatsApp video calls reach all iPhones

In this way, we can continue writing in this conversation or in any other, but without stopping seeing that person and obviously, without stopping talking.

Therefore, if you have not yet tried this new WhatsApp option, we advise you to do so, update to the latest version and make video calls. Without a doubt a great experience and one more step for this app. But be careful with the consumption of megabytes, find out HERE.

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