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Commented version: 2.8.2

Hello iphone addicts:

Today I am going to talk about one of the most valued applications of the APP STORE for your IPHONE. This is WHATSAPP.

It is a multiplatform app with which you can keep in touch with people who also have it installed on their SMARTPHONE (being multiplatform you can talk to contacts both from Android, Iphone, Blackberry and Symbian). It is an application that allows you to send messages to another person, chat style, and allows you to have a fluid conversation, without errors and totally free.

When we buy the APP, the first thing it asks us for is the phone number so that we can introduce you to the “whatsappero” world. Once this is done, the application will look in your contacts and all the people in your phonebook who also use WhatsApp will appear in “FAVORITES”.

At the bottom of the screen we can see a menu with 5 buttons, which we now detail:

– FAVORITES: If we click on this button we will access the list of contacts that use the app and with whom we can interact. Normally, the people with whom we usually message the most are left in it, but that is to each one’s taste. We can add (upper right button «+») or delete and move contacts up or down in the list by clicking on «EDIT«. If we click on the little arrow on the right side of each person we will access their data. If we click on the name of one of them we will go directly to the screen where we can start a conversation

– CONDITION: Entering this menu we can modify our current state. The status is a text that appears under our name and that will be visible to all your contacts. We can say that we are in a meeting, sleeping, at the movies, etc… . We will add new «states» by clicking on the upper right icon «+» and delete or change the position of any of them by pressing «EDIT«.

– CONTACTS: In it, we will have access to our entire agenda and we will be able to see who uses WhatsApp or not. This is clearly identified if we see, in some contact, a status text, written under the name. We have to say that the application searches among your contacts either by phone number or by email.

– CHATS: By clicking on this button, we will get the list of conversations that we have open. We can delete the one we want by sliding our finger from left to right on the chat we want to delete or by clicking on «EDIT«. To start a new conversation, we will press the upper right icon where all our WhatsApp contacts will appear and where we will press the person with whom we want to start a conversation. Once we access it, we will merely write and send the texts we want.

We also have the possibility of sending Photos, audio notes, locations… by clicking on the button to the right of the field where we write the message. It is characterized by an up arrow. If we press it, the options of what we want to share will appear (if we keep that button pressed for 1 second, the options will appear without the need to open a new window).

When sending a location, we can do so by sending our position or we can choose an establishment, monument, etc… by clicking on the breakdown of places that appear under the “SEND YOUR LOCATION” button.
When you receive a location by clicking on “VIEW” the app will take us to the APPerla MAPS to see it in more detail. Once there we can see how far away the person is and we can tell him to take us to that place by clicking on the lower left button.

Returning to the CHAT menu, we comment that we can SPREAD A MESSAGE clicking on the button with that name (located at the top), where we will select the people we want to send the same message and thus avoid the laborious work that it would cost to send the same text to many contacts.
We also have the option to create a group, by pressing «NEW GROUP» to make a conversation in which up to 20 participants can participate. Once we click on this button we must assign a subject to the chat, and then add the people we want to participate. In the GROUPS all the people belonging to it will read all the messages that are exposed in it. Within it we will have the option to modify different aspects of it, entering “INFO” such as adding a photo to the group, changing the name, changing the sound when receiving a message through the group or removing tone, mute, see participants, see all shared multimedia elements, delete group, etc… . If we mute, so as not to receive any notification of it, the group will appear on the CHATS screen with a mute icon (an image of a crossed-out speaker).
One of the new possibilities offered in GROUPS is that we can click (for a few seconds) on any user in the same chat, and the options to copy a message, forward a message to another contact or send a private message to that person will appear. .

– SETTINGS: This is the menu from which we will configure the application itself. If we press it we will see that we get different options such as…:

For us it is one of the best APPERS of the APPSTORE and that should not be missing in any terminal. It saves a lot of money and is also very complete.