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Why can an unknown number see my WhatsApp status

Why can an unknown number see my WhatsApp status

Today we are going to answer a question that you have asked us a lot during the last weeks, months and even years. We tell you why, sometimes, we see that a unknown number has seen our WhatsApp statuses.

Unknown number has seen our states

The whatsapp status It is a content that, believe it or not, is very hermetic. It can only be seen by the people that we have added in our contact list of the iPhone and that those people also have us added to their agendas. If we don’t have each other added, we won’t be able to see anyone’s statuses.

That is, as long as they give us permission to see them because, as you know, we have the option of excluding those contacts that we do not want to see our news stories. WhatsApp.

But still, from time to time, we see that an unknown phone number has seen our statuses. We can finally give the official answer to this and we will tell you below.

An unknown number has seen my WhatsApp status, why?:

We have always believed that this was because there are people who use unofficial tools of WhatsApp to do so, which is true and continues to be done. Unfortunately, there are unofficial applications that allow you to do everything in the most used messaging app on the planet.

Given the WhatsApp already has support directly in the appwe asked them about this topic and they answered us the following:

Please note that only your contacts can see your status updates, but if any of your contacts change your phone number and check your status, you may see a number you don’t recognize.

Well, here you have one of the answers most awaited by many of you. As you say, imagine that one of your friends changes their phone number and makes the appropriate changes on WhatsApp to report the change of number. Well, it is possible that they will not notify you and since they have permission to see your statuses, since you follow each other, the phone number will appear until you add it, again, to your agenda.

Well, you already know the reason why a phone number has seen your WhatsApp statuses. But remember that if it is not a contact of yours who has changed their number and has seen the statuses, it is possibly a person who has used an unofficial WhatsApp app to do their thing.