Why does iTunes take so long to sync?

I am trying to sync my iTunes music to my iPhone. It takes a long time (> 20 minutes) when I try to do this.

a) Does anyone else run into this? How did you solve in that case?

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b) Is there a way to work in the whole iTunes sync process to copy media to my iPhone?

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the setup and there is no cause for additional sync delays, it is recommended that you consider two things that affect iTunes sync speed:

  1. Encoding of audio files when uploaded to your iDevice.
  2. Speed ​​of the USB 2.0 interface at 480 Mbit / sec.

The former would only apply if you are syncing new audio files to your device and the option is enabled to resize AAC / MP3 files. It is convenient if you want to reduce space, but you can select a box indicating that any audio files placed on your iDevice will be adjusted to a bitrate (say) of 128 Kbps to save space on the iDevice. If desired, the encoding is done individually during synchronization and thus adds time to the synchronization, but for the obvious benefit of taking up very less space on the iDevice.

The second point is the much more likely culprit as it likely moves megabytes or gigabytes of data around. Pictures on a recent iPhone take a couple of MB each, the videos you’ve captured can run into the hundreds of MBs, and of course DVD / iTunes movies are likely approaching a gigabyte. If iTunes is deciding to back up, as it does periodically, it could be the size of the phone (16GB / 64GB / 128GB / etc.) Now, pumping this through a 480Mbit / sec USB 2.0 interface would theoretically get a maximum of 48MB / sec, although USB overhead probably cuts 20% of that, so maybe you’re getting 40MB / sec so for a 16GB iDevice data backup it would take almost 6 minutes.

Supposedly the lightning-fast interface can handle USB 3.0 speeds, but only the iPad Pro as of 2015 apparently has that capability, although I don’t think Apple has enabled the enable yet (as of May 2016), so we don’t know how much. it could go fast and I don’t think Apple has released the specs. For all of your other devices, you are at the speeds mentioned above.

iTunes is a bit of a dog, and limiting to USB 2.0 speeds isn’t going to help matters. The best I can suggest is to enable WiFi sync (if available) so that you can at least have your iDevice sync with your computer while not connected to a Lightning cable.

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