Xbox Series S is a big burden for Microsoft

Microsoft will pay extra for each Xbox Series S and X console sold.

  • Microsoft priced its consoles extremely attractive. Xbox Series S costs PLN 1,349, and Series X – PLN 2,249.
  • Such a low price is due to the manufacturer’s additional payment for each console.
  • Reporter Jeff Grubb reports that Microsoft will lose the most on each Xbox Series S sold.
  • Microsoft disclosed yesterday the release date of the Xbox Series X, including the price and additional information on the subscription option to purchase your consoles (currently only Xbox One S) as part of Xbox All Access. In Poland, we will pay PLN 1349 for the weaker Microsoft console, and PLN 2249 for the more powerful console.

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    The equipment valuation has met with many positive reactions, not only in our country, but also in the West. But what is an attractive price for gamers may be a fiscal problem for Microsoft in the long run, as reported by VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb.

    A journalist told in a discussion on Twitter about the opinion of Microsoft’s move revealed that the Redmond giant will pay extra for each console sold. There have been no specific sums, but Grubb points out that it is very likely that the manufacturer of the equipment will pay much more for the Xbox Series S than for the more powerful Xbox X Series. Of course, until the release of new consoles, this information should be treated as rumors. We will have the opportunity to find out about their authenticity after November 10, when both Xboxes will go on sale around the world.

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