You can now anchor WhatsApp chats from the iPhone, very simple!

Now you can pin WhatsApp chats and have the most important conversations at the beginning and much more in sight …

Today we talk about the possibility of pin WhatsApp chats, something that really comes in handy to have the most important conversations at hand.

With the arrival of the new WhatsApp update, there are several possibilities and news that we have. We have already explained all of them in an article that you can see on our website. But we look more specifically at that we can set chats at the beginning of all conversations.

So if you want to know how you can do this, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to give you below. But we anticipate that it is really simple and most importantly, that it is very fast to carry out this process.


To do this, we must not go to the app settings, or the device settings, we will do everything from the same instant messaging application.

What we have to do is go to cats section, which is the main screen and do something as simple as swiping the chat you want to the right.

Therefore we slide from left to right the chat that we always want to set at the beginning and we will see that the pushpin icon. It will be this icon that we must press.

Click on the pin icon

Now this conversation will appear right at the top, that is, at the beginning of all the chats we have in the application WhatsApp.

In this simple and fast way we can anchor WhatsApp chats and make them appear at the beginning of all. A good way, as we have already mentioned, to have the most important conversations right at the beginning of all chats.