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You can now watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp

You can now watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp

Finally! Now we can watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp.

Until now, if they sent you a link to a YouTube video, when you clicked on it, you left the app messaging, so that the video was played in the YouTube app itself or in the browser, if you did not have it.

With the new update of WhatsApp, 2.18.11 usability improvements are added. One of them is the one we are discussing today.

What should you do to watch YouTube videos without leaving WhatsApp?

Any. You just have to update the application to the latest version of the app.

To be able to check it, send or receive a link to a YouTube video.

A thumbnail of the video will appear in the chat, and above it the Play in a bubble.

Youtube videos sent by WhatsApp

If you click Play, the video will be played in PIP (picture in picture), that is, in a floating window.

Watch Youtube videos on Whatsapp

3 buttons appear on the video playback screen:

To advance or go back in it, we must put it in full screen. In this way, the time bar will appear at the bottom, from which we can advance and delay the video at our convenience.

Go back and forth in videos from WhatsApp

Also, if you change chat or go to the settings menu, etc … you can continue to see it without problems.

Watch videos in any menu and WhatsApp chat

We can also leave it minimized on one side of the screen, to continue seeing it at another time. This can only be done by scrolling the video to the left of the screen.

Minimize videos

The new update also includes bug fixes and general improvements.

Is this a big news?

The truth is that this option was already in other Applications messaging like Telegram. So it is not a great innovation, but rather something to be expected.

We have to say that in Telegram the function of playing YouTube videos is much more complete.

But, something is something.

At the moment this update will only reach devices iOS.

If you have a Iphone 6 From now on, and you have not yet received the update, try turning the mobile off and on again so that the application can start completely.

If you are not in such a hurry, do not worry because it will update automatically shortly and you will be able to see Youtube videos without leaving WhatsApp.