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YouTube GO allows you to download videos from YouTube officially

YouTube GO allows you to download videos from YouTube officially

Soon YOUTUBE GO will appear. With it, we will be able to download YouTube videos to our devices, to enjoy them without an internet connection.

FINALLY!!! about time that Youtube take out an official app with which you can download videos from the most used audiovisual platform on the internet.

Soon we will be able to forget about performing the tedious steps to be able to save Youtube videos on our iPhone and iPad.

And it is that while we do not have an unlimited data rate and better batteries, in our mobiles, the most recommended thing is to download the videos to be able to watch them whenever we are far from home or somewhere with WIFI and a charger available.

When will unlimited data rates arrive? We don’t know but there are countries like the US where you can enjoy them. At the moment we have to wait for it to arrive Youtube GO to our country, to be able to download videos in Youtube and be able to see them without the need to consume data from our rate.


It has been in India where this application has been officially announced. In the other countries we will have to wait.

With it we can download any video of Youtube that we want and in the quality that we want. Of course, we can only see them from the application itself. Do not think that we can download them directly to the reel of our device.

The problem that arises for us owners of iPhone Y iPad with little storage capacity, is that we will not be able to download everything we want. But hey, it’s a lesser evil that we can control as we please. We are already made some cracks when it comes to adapting our use of the device to its available capacity.

You can expand the information in the Youtube GO website. In it you can subscribe to have news about it and, above all, to know when it will appear in your country.

Surely this step forward Google will set a trend and other platforms, such as Netflix, they will have to rise to the occasion and allow this type of download in their apps.

We are looking forward to it Youtube GO. We will keep you, as always, up to date with everything related to this application.