Youtuber gets 450,000 PLN fine from UOKiK for encouraging financial pyramids

Most of you have probably met or at least heard of multi-level marketing, more commonly referred to as a financial pyramid. This type of practice was promoted by youtuber Damian Żukiewicz on his channel and website. His activity was found illegal by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, therefore he was fined as much as PLN 437,655. This is the first ever fine for an act of this type.

Entrepreneur Damian Żukiewicz, who runs the business of INVESTPROVIDER, encouraged on his website and YouTube channel to register in FutureNet and Future AdPro and join the NetLeaders network. UOKiK first warned about these systems in March 2019, informing about the possibility of conducting practices unfavorable for the client. Damian Żukiewicz started the promotion in June 2019, but it was not until July 2020 that the president of the office, Tomasz Chróstny, collected enough evidence to issue a decision claiming that the projects in question are illegal financial pyramids, and soon placed a burden on youtuber.

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After conducting the proceedings, I made a decision to punish the touter Damian Żukiewicz with a penalty of nearly PLN 450,000. PLN. For each of the identified practices relating to the promotion of illegal investments on the Internet, misleading consumers and misleading them with the vision of great profits, I imposed on it almost the maximum statutory financial sanction. We conduct further activities aimed at the organizers and promoters of pyramid systems, each time we also inform law enforcement agencies about our suspicions. – says Tomasz Chróstny, President of UOKiK

Youtuber gets 450,000 PLN fine from UOKiK for encouraging financial pyramids

What are the risks of reprimanding such systems? The maximum penalty is 10% of the trader’s turnover from the previous year. Damian Żukiewicz will have to additionally inform his viewers and users of his website about unfair practices. However, he may still appeal against the decision of UOKiK in court, as it is not final.

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While FutureNet and Future AdPro are a typical example of cheating through a multi-level marketing system, the NetLeaders network, run by CL Singapore, which introduces the DasCoin cryptocurrency to the market, is particularly painful. To join NetLeaders, the interested party had to buy one of the licenses costing from EUR 100 (about PLN 453) to as much as EUR 25 thousand (about PLN 113 thousand)However, to start earning money, he had to encourage unregistered people to buy one of the packages.

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