Forever Entertainment SA develops the return of Donkey Kong Country in HD

After yesterday’s revelation of Donkey Kong Country returns in HD, we now know who is developing this remastered title. It has been revealed that Forever Entertainment SA, known for its work on Panzer Dragoon Remake and many other titles, has developed DKCR HD. Nintendo recently chose not to disclose the developers of its mostly remastered and outsourced titles, so this is a nice surprise. This official news was released by Forever Entertainment SA, confirming that they are indeed the developers of Donkey Kong Country returns in HD.

In 2021, Nintendo signed a financial partnership with Forever Entertainment for “future Switch titles”. It’s likely that this game will be a big part of that, and maybe another one on the way.

The land of Donkey Kong returns is a Nintendo title originally released for the Nintendo Wii in 2010, with a re-release on 3DS years later. This is the second for the Nintendo Switch Donkey Kong title, now joining the 2018 enhanced port of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Gel. Although Nintendo probably won’t release a new one DK title for the Switch before it expires, it seems very likely that the company is preparing a major new title in the series for the successor to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo initially announced Donkey Kong Country returns in HD during the Nintendo Direct on June 18. The game is scheduled to release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 16, 2025.