GreedFall II: The Dying World – NACON and Spiders reveal the trailer!

GreedFall II: The Dying World – NACON and Spiders reveal the trailer!

NACON and the studio Spiders present the trailer for the narrative RPG GreedFall II: The Dying World, the long-awaited sequel to the critical and commercial success GreedFall, having captivated more than 2 million players. This video offers an overview of the narrative issues and gameplay mechanics that await players during their journey. GreedFall II: The Dying World will be available in early access on Steam from summer 2024, then on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series 2025.

In GreedFall II, players take on the role of a native of a lakeside village on the mystical island of Teer Fradee, populated by enigmatic creatures and imbued with magic. Under the leadership of Mev, the high priestess of Teer Fradee, players embark on an initiatory quest to become a Doneigad, a sage responsible for protecting his people and their lands. This mission is all the more crucial as the island is undergoing increasing colonization by foreign powers, endangering its fragile balance.

Players’ choices have a significant impact on their adventure, influencing relationships with other characters and reputation with different factions. Chosen talents, such as Survival, Diplomacy, and Stealth, also change how events are approached.

Although violence is sometimes unavoidable, combat is designed to provide a heightened strategic dimension. The trailer reveals some of the mechanics of the combat system, offering the possibility of controlling allies and using a tactical pause system for optimal management of clashes.

Don’t miss the arrival of GreedFall II: The Dying Worldan epic adventure mixing moral choices, diplomacy and tactical combat, planned for this summer in early access on Steam.