How Amazon Wants to Make You Forget Temu and Shein

This is a huge bombshell for the world of e-commerce. Amazon is preparing to respond very aggressively to the competition from Chinese platforms Temu and Shein that are flooding the Western market with low-cost products.

Jeff Bezos’ firm will indeed launch a new section on its site dedicated to fashion and lifestyle items at very low prices to let Chinese sellers ship their products directly to American consumers.

Amazon on the offensive

In this section, we should therefore find unbranded items which would be sold for less than 20 dollars if we are to believe the plan presented by the tech giant to sellers in the Middle Kingdom. On the model consulted by the American media, we can see everyday objects such as phone cases in particular.

In detail, Amazon has notably planned to deliver its products directly from China to the United States within nine to eleven days, which again represents an important issue for customers.

Quoted by CNBCMaria Boschetti, spokesperson for Amazon, did not hide this initiative: “We are always exploring new ways to work with our retail partners to delight our customers with more choice, lower prices and greater convenience.”

However, she did not say more and real uncertainty remains over the launch date of this service, even if, in its presentation, Jeff Bezos’ firm talks about shipping the products from this fall. It is also unknown whether this section will be offered in the rest of the world.

Let’s also remember that the e-commerce giant has been getting closer to Chinese sellers on its platform for a while and has already reduced the invoicing fees charged to its sellers for clothing priced below $20. , remind our colleagues.

For the moment, Temu and Shein have not yet reacted to this announcement, but it would be wrong to think that these two Chinese companies are united. As rightly pointed out Quartzthese two actors have already faced each other in legal proceedings. In a complaint, Temu accused Shein “mafia intimidation of suppliers”.

What you must remember :

  • Amazon will launch a new section on its site in the United States
  • It will allow Chinese sellers to market products sold for less than $20
  • This is a response to competition from Temu and Shein

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