How to empty your iPhone before selling it?

How to empty your iPhone before selling it?

Why do you want to empty your smartphone before selling it? The question may seem far-fetched as its answer appears obvious: it is necessary to reset your device to its factory settings to allow a better transition between your use and that of the future purchaser.

Not only does this step make things easier for them, but it allows you to give them your precious device with complete peace of mind. All without fear of access to compromising photos or some of your banking data, for example. This is therefore a crucial step to follow carefully before making any sale.. Make sure you have emptied your iPhone of all its data by following these few simple steps.

Transfer your information to your new device (or to iCloud)

Before deleting all the data on your smartphone, be sure to back up your data or transfer it to another device first. Indeed, deleting your data will immediately make it inaccessible.

Note, for iPhone owners wishing to switch to an Android smartphone, that it is possible to switch from iMessage to Android Messages or from iCloud to Google Photos to transfer all your data. If you want to switch from one iPhone to another iPhone, you can use iCloud to store all your data while waiting to change models. Besides iCloud, you can also back up your data with a Mac, or even with a Windows PC if you wish.

Remove your Apple Pay cards

This is probably one of the most important things to do when trading or selling an iPhone: be careful to remove your access to your credit or debit cards via Apple Pay. For an iPhone, go to the application Cards, then tap the card you want to delete. Then choose the button More (three small vertical dots) at the top right, then Card Data. Then scroll down and tap Delete this card.

Remove Apple Pay Cards

By this method, to be repeated as many times as possible depending on the number of bank cards integrated into Apple Pay, you ensure that no one else will have access to your money. This step is normally taken care of when you perform a reset of your iPhone (the next step), but it is always recommended to do it manually.

Delete your personal data on the iPhone you want to sell

Then comes the step that interests us the most: resetting your iPhone. Once your data has been warmed up and backed up correctly, you can get started. Start by turning off pairing with your Apple Watch if you have one. Then, if you have an AppleCare contract for this device, cancel it. Then sign out of iCloud services, iTunes Store and App Store.

If you want to switch to an Android device, turn off iMessage by going to settings, then to Messages. Then deactivate iMessage. If you decide to exchange at an Apple Store, you can stop here, as the in-store specialist will take care of the further steps. Even so, you can continue to be on the safe side.

Then go to settings, then tap GeneralTransfer or reset iPhone and finally Erase content and settings. During this step, you will potentially be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Continue with the steps, at the end of which the reset will be carried out. Your iPhone is now like new and benefits from factory settings, which makes it operable for a new user.

Reset iPhone

Some additional actions

When your iPhone has finished resetting, you should be presented with the device’s initialization screen, asking you for example to enter a language or enter your credentials. Then remove your SIM card: your device is like new and ready for resale.

To sell your smartphone, you can go through an Apple Store (the latter often carry out exchanges if you want to get a new iPhone). You can also opt for sales between individuals through platforms such as Bon Coin or Backmarket for example.

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