iPhone: What is this new virus that puts you at risk?

This is a warning that should be taken very seriously by affected users. Apple has just issued a series of notifications to iPhone owners in nearly 98 countries. The tech giant is warning them of the potential presence of a virus on their devices.

The message of the Apple brand

In detail, the Cupertino company explains to those concerned: “Apple has detected that you are the target of a mercenary spyware attack that is attempting to remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID -___-“.

She adds as a warning:

This attack likely targets you because of your identity or activities. While it is never possible to achieve absolute certainty in detecting such attacks, Apple has high confidence in this warning – please take it seriously.

A precedent last April

Let’s recall that just a few weeks ago, Apple had issued similar alerts in 92 states. The apple brand was also very discreet on the subject:

We are unable to provide further information about what prompted us to send you this notification, as this could help mercenary spyware attackers adapt their behavior to avoid detection in the future.

With many crucial elections taking place around the world this year, it is well known that some groups sponsored and funded by countries are conducting intelligence operations.

Hacks similar to Pegasus software?

In fact, these offensives are reminiscent of the use of spyware from the Israeli company NSO Group. As recalled TechrunchIndian users, mainly journalists and politicians, received notifications from the tech giant last October. Amnesty International later claimed to have discovered Pegasus on the iPhones of prominent Indian journalists.

Finally, let’s point out that Apple devices, like those of their competitors, are regularly the target of cyberattacks. A particularly sneaky Trojan horse recently targeted the facial recognition of the Cupertino company’s smartphones. As we explained, it is notably capable of stealing your banking information by intercepting your biometric data.

What you must remember :

  • Apple has issued a series of alert notifications to iPhone users in 98 countries
  • These are exposed to spyware
  • These attacks often target politicians, journalists, or activists.

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