IPTV: a huge pirate network closed in the middle of Euro 2024

In the middle of Euro 2024, 1.3 million Italians who had access to illegal IPTV saw their broadcast cut off according to a press release from the Guardia di Finanza (GdF), the body responsible for enforcing the law and reporting to the Transalpine Ministry of Economy and Finance.

A shock in the middle of Euro football

In a press release, the authorities praised their operation: “Soldiers from the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Milan, coordinated by the local prosecutor’s office, carried out an important investigation to combat the phenomenon of audiovisual piracy, called IPTV”.

They add that these operations made it possible to carry out 14 searches “local and IT” in several regions of the country and abroad. These targeted 13 suspects.

The GDF accuses them of “manage illegal distribution networks of the main television schedules protected by copyright, decrypt and illegally redistribute the content of the most important players in global television via unauthorized IPTV platforms, thus causing significant economic harm to legitimate broadcasters”.

According to estimates from the specialized site TorrentFreakif the figure of 1.3 million people impacted is correct, this would mean that almost half of the country’s IPTV users are impacted.

Our colleagues rightly express doubts on this subject, especially since they have not spotted huge reactions online on this subject. Google searches related to IPTV have not increased enormously either, which is surprising in a country where football is a real religion. There is no doubt, if the news is confirmed, that we should learn more in the days to come.

UEFA goes all out against piracy

Either way, the repression is intensifying at the moment. As we told you about recently, UEFA has put systems in place to detect and block pirate streams in just a few minutes.

It is also very proactive towards search engines like Google. We can also see that thousands of links to pirate sites have already been dereferenced. To find out more, we invite you to reread our dedicated article here.

What you must remember :

  • Italian police claim to have carried out a major raid against an IPTV network
  • 1.3 million subscribers would have found themselves without signal overnight in the middle of Euro football
  • Repression is intensifying around the world against these illegal platforms

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