iShowSpeed ​​tests Germany’s most popular street food and…


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IShowSpeed’s German adventure for the 2024 Europa Cup was nothing short of thrilling, with doner kebabs, backflips, attempted meetings with politicians and live cheering for Ronaldo.

IShowSpeed ​​is currently having a crazy adventure in Germany for the 2024 Europa Cup, and it’s already making waves. In his last escapade, Speed ​​decided to delve into the German street food scene, and sure enough, he did it in his signature style.

First on his list was to try the famous doner kebab. For those who don’t know, doner kebab has an interesting history. It is a popular street food in Germany, originally imported by Turkish immigrants. It is essentially a delicious sandwich made from meat (usually lamb, beef or chicken) cooked on a vertical roaster, then sliced ​​and stuffed into a pita or flatbread with fresh vegetables and sauces. And there are vegan alternatives too, so don’t worry. It’s a must-see when you’re in Germany.

The famous German football star Nader Jindaoui introduced him to this delicious piece of Turkish-German culture. Speed’s reaction to his first bite of doner kebab was priceless. Before even taking a bite, he exclaimed “Bismillah,” showing his respect for the cultural origins of the dish. Then, after the first taste, his eyes lit up. He loved her! He was holding the doner kebab in one hand and, out of nowhere, did a somersault into the street! It was a classic Speed ​​moment, blending his athleticism with his love of food and fun.

iShowSpeed ​​stopped in Germany for the Euros and tried Germany’s most popular street food: Doner Kebab and did its iconic backflip

– FearedBuck (@FearedBuck) June 16, 2024

Speed ​​didn’t just stay put; he intended to meet big names. He attempted to visit Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, adding a political twist to his trip. Even if he didn’t get to meet him, it was definitely a worthy attempt for Speed.

To top it all, he watched the match between Portugal and Czechia, eager to see his favorite footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, in action again. Speed ​​already has a photo with Ronaldo, and seeing him perform live was a dream come true.

One year ago today, Speed ​​broke the internet and met Ronaldo

– Speed ​​Updates (@SpeedUpdates1) June 17, 2024

Speed’s German adventure is just beginning, and who knows what he’ll do next? One thing’s for sure: it’s going to be entertaining.