LIFE IS STRANGE: DOUBLE EXPOSURE – Presentation stream reveals details…

LIFE IS STRANGE: DOUBLE EXPOSURE – Presentation stream reveals details…

Today, SQUARE ENIX broadcast the video of the presentation stream of LIFE IS STRANGE: DOUBLE EXPOSUREwhich contains all the details you need to know about the new installment of the award-winning narrative adventure franchise.

The full French presentation stream of LIFE IS STRANGE: DOUBLE EXPOSURE is available below:

The developers at Deck Nine, Jonathan Stauder (game director) and Felice Kuan (narrative director), met Elyse Willems (Funhaus, 30 Morbid Minutes), who interviewed them about this new adventure. In particular, they talked about how the game is designed to appeal to both longtime fans and people new to the franchise. Indeed, despite the repercussions of Max’s past on his present, no old LIFE IS STRANGE save file is necessary to play.

Felice Kuan explains:
“We knew it had to be out of this world. And that we also had to respect the two unforgettable endings of the first part of Max’s story, while creating a new chapter. A new story that would take up and recognize Max’s past suffering, while making her evolve as a person. Which would welcome newbies from the start, and offer fans an unexpected story. »

Hannah Telle (Max Caulfield) appears later in the presentation to discuss his emotional journey, from the Max of before to the Max of today, during a one-on-one with Elyse:
“Max’s powers evolved with her. She hadn’t used them for a long time because of their devastating effects. They have atrophied and changed. She has the supernatural ability to move between worlds, to see the one where Safi is still alive, the one where she died. She is ideally placed to discover the truth about Safi’s tragic death. »

Fans were also able to learn more about Max’s new power, which allows him to move between two parallel realities. Jonathan Stauder explains:
“The ability to move from one reality to another opens up gameplay possibilities for us. Thus, Max will alternate between different versions of the same space affected by Safi’s death and his powers will allow him to solve certain puzzles and discover clues otherwise inaccessible. »

After revealing new sequences and anecdotes from the development, the presentation of the game concluded masterfully with an excerpt of gameplay from chapter 1 where we saw Max and his friends, Safi and Moses, watching a shower of meteorites from the roof of the Caledon Observatory. However, the festive atmosphere of these moments quickly took a dark and mysterious turn…

LIFE IS STRANGE: DOUBLE EXPOSURE will be available in three editions: standard, deluxe and ultimate.

Players can now pre-order the Ultimate Edition to gain early access to Chapters 1 and 2 of the game two weeks before the release of the full version.