New recall of Cybertrucks by Tesla: that’s a lot, right?


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Tesla has just issued two recalls on the same day for its Cybertruck, the fourth this year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the United States federal agency responsible for highway safety detailed precisely on its site the problems concerned.

What is it about ?

First of all there is a problem with the windshield wipers where “excessive electrical current may cause destruction of the front windshield wiper motor controller”. Added to this is a fault in the trunk trim where the applique risks “become detached from the vehicle, creating a danger for following motorists and increasing the risk of an accident”.

As the American agency recalls, two other problems impacted Tesla’s vehicle in 2024. In April, a problem was indeed spotted with the accelerator pedal which was considered defective. And, at the very beginning of the year, a bug on the font size on the warning lights was reported.

Free repairs

In detail, the recall related to windshield wipers concerns 11,688 Cybertrucks manufactured between November 13, 2023 and June 6, 2024. As for the one on the trim, it impacts 11,363 Cybertrucks manufactured between November 13, 2023 and May 26, 2024 Those affected will be informed by mail by August 18, 2024. Repairs will be carried out free of charge.

Of course, recalls are commonplace among all manufacturers, although it is starting to pile up when it comes to the Cybertruck this year. Significant setbacks for a model that costs at least $80,000. On Tesla’s side, other vehicles have been impacted in recent years.

To cite just a few examples, we remember the Cyberquad for Kids recall. The 5,000 vehicles affected would not have complied with several federal standards regarding mechanical suspension or maximum tire pressure.

Let us also remember this recall concerning 1.1 million vehicles. This time it was the obstacle detection system that was at fault, and it did not always engage correctly. Enough to expose drivers to the risk of finger injury. To go further, we also advise you to read our review of the Cybertruck here.

What you must remember :

  • Tesla operates two recalls linked to its Cybertruck in the United States
  • This concerns malfunctions in the windshield wipers and trunk lining
  • Those affected will receive a letter by August 18 and repairs will be free.

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