Ninjala Season 17 Launches With New 4th Anniversary Campaign

GungHo Online Entertainment announced You are hungry Season 17 is now available with dinosaur-themed content, including new weapons and avatar items. Additionally, the You are hungry The 4th Anniversary Campaign is live with new login and battle bonuses, a story pack sale, and more.

You are hungry Season 17 welcomes players to “Ninjala Park” with new dinosaur-themed avatars. The season also introduces two new weapons: Flurry Fury and Tempest Lord. The first hit from these weapons deals no damage, but players can repel their opponent’s attack with the right timing.

The new Tornado Shot special attack allows players to ambush opponents or launch into the air for a quick traverse. Additionally, the new Alter Special Wind Caller summons wind spheres to cancel Gum Shoots or continue attacks.

Ninjala’s 4th anniversary campaign is live with a special login bonus and battle bonus event. Players who log in from today to July 3 will receive 500 free Jala to use in the Shinobi Shop. The Battle Bonus Event will also grant an additional 500 free Jala and more free rewards, such as Assist Codes, Medals, and Research Points, for playing until July 3.

The Battle for Glory: The 4th Anniversary Cup (Single Player) event will take place from June 29 at 7:00 p.m. to June 30 at 1:00 a.m. PDT. All participants will receive a commemorative 4th anniversary sticker. Special items such as Jala, Research Points and Medals will be distributed by rank. Finally, a 55% discount is now available on all four Ninjala story packs (chapters one through four).

You are hungry is available now for free on Nintendo Switch.