Ranking All Halo Games From Worst To Best

1.Halo 3 (2007)

Halo 3 was divine. And I know it’s an unbearable thing to say, but you really had to be there. It was 2007, and at this point, almost everyone was upgrading to the 360 ​​generation, where Xbox Live had become universal (and almost everyone was plugged in thanks to that cheap, trashy mic). This was the period when Halo was most popular, and it felt like a real community, thanks to a great Forge and thousands of iconic fan-made maps and modes like Duck Hunt, Griffball, and Jenga Tower.

And that’s without mentioning the strength of the default multiplayer, with iconic maps like The Pit, Guardian and Valhalla. Alongside a superb campaign which saw us team up and even act as referees. There was also the most epic ending in any Halo game, which saw you escape the ring’s self-destruction in a Warthog, jumping across the gap to reach the Forward Unto Dawn ship.

There will never be a Halo game as good as Halo 3 at its peak, and we have to accept that reality. But we will always keep the memories. | ©Xbox