Squeezed lemon: it gets complicated for IPTV, motorcycle parking, Linky and Starlink the big test

Squeezed lemon: it gets complicated for IPTV, motorcycle parking, Linky and Starlink the big test

In summary this week: we explain to you how subscribing to pirate IPTV will become more and more risky, how Parisian bikers park for free using a trick, Enedis facing electricity overcharging deemed illegal, and finally the second part of our feedback on Starlink.

Pirate IPTV: are the authorities toying with the idea of ​​targeting users?

Pirate IPTV services continue to be popular in France. For a derisory amount, these illegal services allow you to watch thousands of channels and packages – including the very popular sports channels. But the tone is rising among the authorities. Several countries are therefore starting to target users, who have until now been relatively spared, via heavy dissuasive fines. Elsewhere, it is more a question of ordering search engines to dereference these sites. A situation that Arcom is observing carefully – because it could well be, if the use of pirate IPTV platforms does not decline, that France will ultimately also change its strategy.

How Parisian bikers play with the law to park for free

Paris two-wheel parking

Since 2022, Paris town hall has required motorcycles to pay for parking, like all other vehicles. A measure of equality, some would say, but for those interested, it’s another story – and there is a fairly staggering number of incivilities in this area. While police vehicles equipped with automated plate readers constantly check that all parked vehicles – including those of motorcyclists – have paid their parking fees, two-wheeler drivers no longer hesitate to hide their plates registration, despite the risks.

Enedis, accused of illegal electricity overbilling


But what is happening at Enedis? While customers receive overcharges for electricity for periods sometimes well beyond the legal deadline of 14 months, the National Ombudsman accuses the energy distributor of illegal practices. All in a context where bill catch-ups have jumped 64% over the last 12 months. Unfortunately, in the absence of legal action, Enedis is most often deaf to the recommendations of the Mediator…

What do you think of Starlink? Our feedback (episode 2/3)

Starlink Experience review

While sometimes quite contradictory information appears around Starlink, what do we think of this new satellite ISP based on a constellation of hitherto unprecedented density? Our editor-in-chief Romain Vitt decided to test Starlink, and tell us everything in three episodes – the before, during and after. We invite you to read the second part of his feedback in which he looks back on two months of daily life with the service.

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