Street Fighter 6 M. Bison update brings changes to Replay mode

Street Fighter 6 M. Bison update brings changes to Replay mode

Street Fighter 6 will introduce new changes to replay mode with the M. Bison update. The upcoming changes will allow players to get more out of their replays. This update will be released on June 26, at the same time as the highly anticipated M. Bison.

Street Fighter 6 Replays – A new way to train

Street Fighter 6 Replay Changes

The following changes are coming to replay mode, via Capcom:

  • “1.1x” and “1.2x” playback speed options will be added.
  • “Rewind Frame” will be usable while paused.

In summary, players can now speed up their replays even further and rewind them to get a complete view of how the match is going.

Bison is part of the Season 2 DLC character pass, where Terry Bogard, Mai, and Elena will join him. Additionally, Capcom released a gameplay trailer showcasing Bison’s moves. You can also check out his character guide on the street fighter Youtube channel.

Street Fighter 6, launched globally on June 2, 2023, evolves the franchise with its exclusive RE ENGINE. The game offers three main modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground and Battle Hub. World Tour mode allows for a single-player adventure in Metro City, while the Battle Hub provides a social space for interaction and competition between players. Fighting Ground is where players can experience Arcade Mode, Practice Mode, Ranked Matches, and much more.

Additionally, players can experience a new level of combat with classic, modern and dynamic control options, as well as a new Drive Gauge system.

In addition, SF6 features a diverse roster of 18 characters, including classics and new faces, each with updated designs and dynamic cinematic specials. Capcom plans to add more new characters to the game, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Our review praises the game for being great value for money at launch. The game impresses with its solid mechanics, vivid visuals, memorable soundtrack and rich content. The game is very accessible to new fighting game players with a content-rich story mode and an interactive online lobby.

Lately, Street Fighter 6 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC via Steam and Xbox Series X|S.