The Restless Sheep & The Lone Wolf visual novels released in English

Shiravune announces romantic visual novels The Restless Sheep and the Lone Wolf -A Tale of Cutthroat Lovers- And The Restless Sheep and the Lone Wolf -Woolly Eyes GAIDEN- are coming to PC via Steam. The visual novels will support English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language options with Japanese voiceovers.

A release date for -A story of cutthroat lovers- And -Woolly eyes GAIDEN- have not been announced. However, Shiravune confirms that both visual novels will be released simultaneously on Steam.

Here’s a look at each visual novel’s story, via Shiravune:

-A story of cutthroat lovers- History

Kabukicho, Shinjuku. There’s a hotel here where I work as a live-in housekeeper – or at least that’s my day job.

At night, I suffer from chronic insomnia with only one cure: killing people. So I moonlight as a pet killer for a yakuza bigwig, waiting for him to throw me a bone and order a hit so I can sleep. It may seem like a thin line to walk, but my life is pretty uneventful. Quite stable.

Until I met this girl, Azami. Defeating her gave me such a peaceful night’s sleep that I considered keeping her around. The fact is that my boss wants him dead, and if I bite the hand that feeds me, my peaceful and stable life is at the door…

-Woolly eyes GAIDEN- History

The dark romantic visual novel The Restless Sheep and the Lone Wolf returns to Kabukicho in this disjointed simul-quel. Me, Azami and the whole motley crew go wild through five brand new short stories!