Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, and More Added to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo added Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr. Mathand more games on the Nintendo Switch Online service. All games from the July 2024 update are available without the expansion pack.

Nintendo regularly adds new games to the Nintendo Switch Online service, including classic Game Boy and SNES games. Members can upgrade to the Expansion Pack tier to access Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance games. These games include Microsoft’s Rare catalog, Mother 3 (Japan only), Super R-TypeAnd F-ZERO top speed, Metroid: Mission Zero, Perfect darknessand more.

Nintendo Switch Online Reveals New Additions for July 2024, Including Urban Champion and More

Nintendo Switch Online added Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Golf, Mach Pilot, The Mystery of Atlantis, JETMAN SOLARAnd COBRA TRIANGLECheck out the trailer for all the Nintendo Switch Online additions below:

Nintendo describes the games as follows, via Gematsu:


Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle? Well, it’s a resort cruise compared to what awaits you in the COBRA TRIANGLEPut your skills and reflexes to the test at the helm of a Cobra-class speedboat in this 1989 vehicle-based action game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. In this part boat racer, part vehicular combat game, you’ll face high-speed challenges including enemy ships armed with cannons, endangered swimmers, deadly sea monsters, dangerous whirlpools, and ticking bombs. Play through 25 stages of aquatic mayhem, where you’ll need to collect power-up items scattered throughout the levels to enhance your speed and firepower if you hope to escape the Triangle in one piece!

Donkey Kong Jr. Math

First question: Donkey Kong + Donkey Kong Jr. ÷ Math homework = ? The answer: Digital fun. Originally published in 1986, Donkey Kong Jr. Math takes the vine-based gameplay of the original Donkey Kong Jr. and adds an extra element of math challenge. Play as Donkey Kong Jr. and rescue Donkey Kong, who has been imprisoned by Mario. Navigate through vines and platforms to solve math puzzles, which require you to do everything from collect numbers to enter the correct symbols that add, subtract, multiply, and divide them as needed to solve each problem. Along the way, you’ll collect fruit and keys, and be sure to avoid pesky birds, nasty electric sparks, and scary biters! Sorry, did we mention there’s a test?


Play golf and revisit one of the original sports games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This 1990 classic brings you 36 holes of realistic golf action, with hazards that change every time you play (so you’ll need to plan a strategy beyond just “walking away”). Check the wind direction, select the right club, and adjust your swing as you make your drive. A scorecard keeps track of your shots for each hole as you tackle winding fairways and hungry sand traps. Tee time has arrived, so grab your clubs!

Mach Pilot

Taking place either 88 years in the future (from today) or 127 years in the future (from the game’s original release date in 1985), Mach Pilot is a vehicular combat racing game where players pilot their heavily armed Quadrunner across the wasteland of Earth in the year 2112. Take on the Combat Course and battle your way through 10 different sectors, dodging obstacles and taking out enemies. Or try your hand at the Endurance Course, where you attempt to complete sectors within a time limit, with oil barrels and opponents determined to slow you down. You can also take on the Time Trial in Solo Race mode, where you’re alone against the clock. Remember, you’re Earth’s only hope: you’re Mach Rider.

The Mystery of Atlantis

Known as Atlantis without Nazo in Japan, The Mystery of Atlantis is a side-scrolling adventure in which players take on the role of Wyn, an amateur explorer determined to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization and save his captive master from the forces of the evil Emperor Zavyra. Using sticks of dynamite, Wyn will attempt to survive in a myriad of exotic locations such as caves, temples, and even clouds. Atlantis is comprised of 100 zones, each connected by teleporting doors, but choose wisely! Your success in the island’s labyrinth will depend on which doors you pass through and which path you take.


You play as Jetman and embark on a perilous quest to recover the lost pieces of the Golden Warpship, a near-mythical starship capable of traveling through the stars. This early 90s multi-directional shooter puts you in the cockpit of Jetman’s Jetpod, as you explore 12 menacing alien worlds, each with their own gravity level! Collect alien goods along the way to earn points that you can exchange for equipment at the Interstellar Marketing Co. trading post. Once you’ve discovered a piece of the Warpship, you’ll need to tow it back to your mothership, battling the extra drag that affects your maneuverability (and burns your fuel – keep an eye on those gauges!). Recovering the pieces won’t be an easy task, and Solar Jetman is the only hope!

Urban Champion

In these streets, there’s only one rule: hit or be hit. Nintendo’s first 2D fighting game from 1986, Urban Champion is a bare-knuckle fight between fighters looking to earn the rank of Champion and knock their opponent into the nearest manhole in the process. If they succeed, they will receive confetti showers from the local residents and, eventually, enough victory symbols to proclaim themselves the undisputed champion. But watch out for angry neighbors who will try to drop flower pots on your head, and the police will occasionally appear to temporarily break up the fight, or make an arrest if the fight time runs out. Practice against a computer opponent or a friend and prove your worth by becoming the urban champion!

All of the games mentioned above are now available on the Nintendo Switch Online service.