USB-c headphones not recognized by my Pocophone C40

USB-c headphones not recognized by my Pocophone C40



In fact there are still many headsets or earphones that connect via a 3.5mm jack . Many people also prefer to keep a jack connection, simply because they consider the quality audio is excellent. You are trying to connect your car radio the car , your headset or earphones on your Pocophone C40, however this does not work. No sound or music does not come out of the device. Your Pocophone C40 has a USB-C port to connect its peripherals. In this article, we will explain the different causes of earphones or headphones not recognized by your Android. This can come from a number of explanations, such as a bad adapter, an update that is too old, incompatible headphones, etc.

The first thing to do is to check that the volume on your smartphone is correctly increased, as well as that on your device (car, speaker, headphones, etc.).

USB-c headphones not recognized by my Pocophone C40 and update

Sometimes while connecting your headphones, you are advised to perform an update in the notification area. The update may be necessary for the headphones to work. Perform the update when prompted.

What should you do if you have an update problem?

If you are unable to update, turn off your Pocophone C40 and turn it back on. Then plug your headphones back in. You should be offered the update.

Activate Audio output through the USB-c port of your Pocophone C40

From time to time you need to activate the sound output to the USB-C port, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Developer mode
  • Multimedia Section
  • Then ACTIVATE Disable USB audio routing

Headphones not supported on your Pocophone C40

From time to time your smartphone will not recognize the headphones correctly. you have to clear the cache of the USB-c port. With this in mind, go through the following directions:

  • go to Settings of your Pocophone C40
  • Applications
  • System apps
  • USB Setting to clear cache

Headphones incompatible with your Pocophone C40

You have a message displayed » the connected USB device is not supported » while plugging in the headphones. Have you tried going through the USB headphones given when purchasing your Pocophone C40. As a general rule, it is a incompatibility between your smartphone and the headset. Try buying a headset or USB-C wired headphones compatible with your Pocophone C40. Otherwise switch to wireless headphones, which will connect via bluetooth .

Small dirt in the USB-c port

Do not hesitate to use a toothpick or a pin and clean the USB-C socket, sometimes too many impurities prevent a good connection between the plugs. Carry out this cleaning gently so as not to damage your port.

USB-c to jack adapter incompatible with your Pocophone C40

Not all USB-c to jack adapters are compatible with your smartphone. First try plugging in another pair of headphones to be able to find out if the malfunction comes from your adapter or the headphones. If it comes from your adapter, use one that is fully compatible with your Pocophone C40, such as the Ugreen adapter. USB-c to 3.5mm jack.

What to do if none of the solutions have worked to connect the headphones to your smartphone?

The last method is to reset your Pocophone C40, however remember to make a backup of the data on your Pocophone C40.

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