Will there be native PS3 support on PS5?

Sony could be setting the stage for PS3 classics to make a return to PS5, sparking excitement and speculation in the gaming community.

The buzz around the possibility of Sony adding native PS3 support to the PS5 has started again, thanks to Nick Baker, a known voice in the video game industry and co-founder of “Xbox Era”. He generated excitement by hinting that Sony might be working on making some PS3 games playable directly on their latest console.

The problem with playing old games on new technology

So far, playing PS3 games on PS5 has been a bit complicated. You need a stable internet connection, as it only works via cloud streaming, a method that hasn’t exactly been a hit with gamers. Rumors from two years ago suggested that Sony might be considering creating an emulator or some sort of built-in support for PS3 games.

Baker’s recent comments in the following podcast suggest this support could be “selective”, starting with just a few games. He didn’t have much else to say about cool new features that might make these games run better on the PS5, like increased frame rates or other improvements.

But take it with a grain of salt: Baker’s predictions haven’t always hit their mark.

Previous rumors suggested an emulator was in development

Two years ago, we heard similar rumors on a podcast, stirred up by Jeff Grubb, who mentioned a full-fledged emulator. Grubb thought Sony might be close to announcing this feature, but noted that even if it’s delayed, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

Sony has never commented on these rumors, and unfortunately they will not be joining Gamescom 2024 to tell us more on this topic. But we think old rumors are linked to new ones, and there’s something there.

As Sony continues to update the PS5 – like adding Discord voice chat – fans are hoping the next big news will be about playing PS3 classics directly on PS5. Whether it’s a few select games to start with or a more comprehensive emulator, gamers are eager for the opportunity to dive back into their old favorites on Sony’s latest system.