YouTube takes drastic action if you use a VPN

To subscribe to YouTube Premium in France, you have to pay 13 euros per month (after the first free month). A substantial sum which can encourage certain customers to use a trick to pay less. We know that some of them use a VPN to benefit from cheaper subscription rates in certain countries. In Argentina, for example, the price is below one dollar.

VPNs in YouTube’s sights

However, this scheme should end. Reddit users have reported, with supporting screenshots, that their Premium subscription was terminated by YouTube without them having changed any settings.

Quoted by BGRone of them explains thus:

I confirm that this is a crackdown on cheap VPN subscriptions. I just spoke to customer service who told me that as I had “moved” to a different location than where I had registered (in Ukraine, but based in the UK), the service was canceled until ‘that I register with a UK card and address. From £2.30 per month to £12.99.

A little later, YouTube confirmed the bad news to our colleagues at SamaGame :

In cases where the registration country does not match where the user is accessing YouTube, we ask members to update their billing information based on their current country of residence.

YouTube at war with ad blockers

This new offensive risks displeasing Internet users. Especially since YouTube is also waging a fierce and determined fight against ad blockers to encourage its users to opt for the paid version (or to watch advertisements).

Last November, a spokesperson for the platform clearly announced the color:

Using ad blockers violates YouTube’s terms of service. We’ve launched a global effort to encourage viewers with ad blockers to allow ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators around the world and connect billions to their favorite content on YouTube.

If you were using a VPN to pay less, have you been affected by this development? Tell us in the comments.

What there is to know :

  • Some users used a VPN to pay less for YouTube Premium
  • YouTube has decided to cancel their subscription
  • The platform fully assumes its strategy

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