10 Apps to turn your mobile into a music studio

If you haven’t been paying attention recently, you might think that the iOS music creation apps mean that it is the only suitable platform for music creation. But that’s not true; Android is catching up quickly in this department. Whether you’re playing an instrument, singing, or creating electronic music, Android has some great apps to help you out. Here you have your selection of 10 Android apps for musicians.

1. BandLab

BandLab It is the closest replacement Android has to a suitable GarageBand alternative. It is part of DAW (digital audio workstation) and part of a social network where you can share your creations when they are done.

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With BandLab, you can make your own music for free. You can sing directly in the application, where the AutoPitch function it will help you stay in tune; or connect your own instruments to record live. There are a wide range of downloadable rhythm packs and loops to enhance your compositions. Or you can make your own through the more than 100 downloadable instruments.

The application is powerful and a lot of fun. It is accessible even to those who have never made music before.

2. Backtrackit

If you want to learn how to play the latest songs, or create backing tracks to play or sing along with, Backtrackit is the app for you.

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Take it music from your phone and breaks it down in various ways. It shows you which key a song is in and which chords are played. You can slow down particular sections when you try master a solo or riff. You can also remove the lead vocal or instrument from a track, allowing you to replace it with your own performance.

Backtrackit it is ideal for learning new songs; or even to spend a night improvising together with your Favourite artists.

3. Smoke

Smoke makes it possible to compose an entire piece of music simply by humming into your phone.

Simply sing on your phone, choose a genre (including rock, R&B, and classical music) and the app will turn your melody into a complete composition. From there you can play with the mix and the arrangement, and record voices on top. Once done, save your masterpiece as a MP3.

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There is a serious side, too. Touching the Score button you can see both the musical notation and the chords of your melody. You can edit them and add lyrics too. You should update to the pro version to export this as a PDF document. But as an effective way to turn ideas into actual songs, it’s worth it.

4. Pitched Tuner

For most musical instruments, keeping them in tune is a daily job. A manual tuner is good, but a digital one will give you much more precision.

While most of the tuning apps on the Play Store are geared towards specific instruments, Pitched Tuner It stands out because it works with everything: strings, metals, wind, whatever.

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It’s easy to use Just touch a note on your phone; and the app measures it, to the nearest hundredth of a semitone. Keep tweaking your tuning until you get it going. There is also a instrument tuner mode Special feature that simplifies the string instrument tuning process.

5. The Metronome

The Metronome it is the best way to keep time while you play. It is designed in part to work with Soundbrenner Pulse, a vibrating metronome clock. But you don’t need one of those – the app works fine on its own.

It is a great looking application, with all the features you need. You can select a time signature and mark your required tempo; or just tap on the screen to set it manually. Too you can create rhythm patterns more complex using subdivisions and accents.

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The application supports a song library where you can save your settings; then combine them into a song list for when you’re playing. You can even configure display so that it flashes every beat instead of having to listen to the tones.

6. Guitar Chords and Tabs

By providing access to a huge guitar tabs database for music, guitar chords and tabs ensure you’ll never be short of something to play.

The application you have chords and tabs, a simplified form of musical notation for guitars, for more than 800,000 pieces of music. It includes an interactive chord function that shows you the correct fingering when you need it. And if you upgrade to the pro version, you can unlock the automatic scrolling feature that keeps your page of tabs moving up the screen as you play.

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Each song has a large amount of information to put on the screen; so the Guitar Chords and Tabs they are most useful on a large screen phone or tablet.

7. Vocaberry

Vocaberry it’s a bit like Guitar Hero for singers. You get a series of songs of different levels of difficulty, and you have to sing along with them. The app rates your pitch and time, and rates you as you go.

But despite the gamified approach, Vocal Lessons it’s not a game. It is a very effective application to learn to sing or to improve your performance. In addition to the songs, eYou will find a series of vocal exercises that can warm up your voice before going on stage. It’s packed with advice and guidance, similar to having your own singing teacher.

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You can also use the application to measure your vocal range.

8. smartChord

smartChord it is an absolute treasure for musicians. It is aimed primarily at guitarists or those who play other string instruments, but there is so much here that almost anyone would find it useful.

The application offers more than 15 tools. You get information about playing chords, arpeggios, and scales. There is a transpose so you can easily change the key of any piece of music. An auditory training game will help you learn the sound of notes and chords. The song book lets you download music for almost any song you can find online. The playground gives you a virtual guitar to practice with. There is a lot here.

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All basic functions are free, and you can add even more with a paid upgrade.

9. Remixlive

Mix beats, loops, effects, and samples on the fly with Remixlive. The app is easy to get started, but surprisingly powerful. You get more than 50 packages sample as standard and you can buy more as you need them. There is a built-in sample editor and finger drum support.

When you are done, you can save your work in MP3 or other formats. You can also upload your recordings to Soundcloud, and there is also desktop music app integration Ableton Live.

10. Hi-Res Audio Recorder

Finally, here you are an application to record your music. But what makes it better than all the other audio recorders available for Android? Simple: plug in your headphones and you can monitor your recording as you go. It is very useful for both music and voice.

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You need a phone that supports low latency, like some of the Samsung’s latest flagship phones. Even if you don’t have one, the app’s ability to record in high quality and export to MP3 makes it worth seeing.