2020 belonged to Nintendo Switch; in the UK it smashed PS4, PS5 and Xbox together

If you look at the news from 2020 in terms of consoles, it would seem that the past 12 months have passed under the banner of the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. Of course, huge publicity does not have to translate into sales results, especially if the product debuts at the end of the year, and the producers themselves severely limit the number of copies available on the market. In this situation, it is not surprising that the title of the most popular console falls not to the ninth, but the eighth generation platform. I am talking about the Nintendo Switch, which – as shown by numerous reports – did not give its rivals much chance in 2020.

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The phenomenal sale of the last Nintendo console is unlikely to surprise anyone. Last year’s financial reports companies clearly demonstrated the popularity of the “switch”, as did the information provided by analysts. However, reports from the UK show how amazing the success of the device is. Christopher Dring from claims at Twitterthat the sales of the Switch in the British Isles in 2020 equal the results of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 taken together.

Breaking one or even two of these platforms could be explained by a specific cannibalism of Sony and Microsoft devices (a large number of players could resign from buying PS4 and XONE in the context of the upcoming premiere of ninth-generation consoles). However, catching up with not two of them, but all four is a great achievement, especially since the UK market is not known to be particularly profitable for Nintendo. At least traditionally, because a glance at the bestseller list store shows that Switch games were very popular in 2020.

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2020 belonged to Nintendo Switch; in the UK it smashed PS4, PS5 and Xbox togetherIn 2020, the world is (almost) on fire, but Nintendo is probably not complaining about the last 12 months. (Still from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).

If the data from across the English Channel is not enough, there are also similar reports from overseas. In Canada, Switch remains the most-bought console for 25 months, and by the beginning of December it sold 790,000 copies (via Nintendo prezly). For comparison: in the whole of 2019, Canadian buyers found “only” 162 thousand “flicks”, while only last November Nintendo managed to sell 148 thousand devices there. In the USA, Switch has been a leader among stationary consoles for over two years (i.e. 24 months; via, long surpassing the result of the previous record holder – Xbox 360. About the success in Japan, where Nintendo Switch dominated a year ago, there is no point to write, although it should be mentioned that it was sold only in the last week of December 278 thous. pieces.

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2020 belonged to Nintendo Switch; in the UK it smashed PS4, PS5 and Xbox togetherThe new Animal Crossing was one of the many reasons gamers bought the Switch. (Still from the animation “What Isabelle’s been doing while waiting for you to upgrade resident services” by TheDashingDoctor).

Such a phenomenal sale of the Switch in relation to the competition could be explained in many ways, be it the aforementioned debut of the ninth generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles and the problem with the supply of these, or highly rated exclusive titles (especially Animal Crossing: New Horizon, which after its debut in March rapidly overtook almost all other productions on Switch). Anyway, the above reports show that 2020 turned out to be extremely successful for Nintendo. However, we are still waiting for the company’s new financial report, which should be released by the end of the month.

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