25 basic iPhone things you need to know. Essential tutorials

Today we are going to talk about 25 iPhone Basics what you should know 25 tips that will surely help you use and get more out of your mobile phone.

iPhone Basics

For years we have been sharing with you and you, an infinity of tutorials for iPhone with which we teach you tricks with which to get the most out of your devices iOS. Today we are talking about the 25 basic things that you all have to know yes or yes, about your mobiles.

We have compiled the 25 most important in our view. After tutorials like 30 tips to save battery on iPhonetoday comes this one with the basic tips that every iPhone user should know.

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Basic iPhone things we all need to know:

  1. If iPhone is locked, you can tap the screen to turn on the screen. It is not necessary to press any button to activate it and it allows you to deactivate the “Raise to activate” option in Settings / Display and brightness, which will help us save battery.
  2. In the calculator app you can have a scientific calculator simply by rotating the iPhone to the horizontal position.
  3. If you slide your finger from right to left on the number you have put in the calculator, you can delete the last number that appears on the screen.
  4. If you want to move several apps at the same time, make a long press on any application until they all start to shake and, without letting go, press on the apps that you want to move en bloc. Once you have them all grouped, move them, without releasing your finger from the screen, to the place where you want to place them.
  5. Doing a long press on the control center icons, many more options will appear, such as the intensity of the flashlight, the available Wi-Fi networks, screen brightness options… .
  6. If you want to close all the tabs that you have open in Safari, make a long press on the button with the two squares. Options will appear from which you can select a red one called “Close the x tabs” that allows you to close them all at once.
  7. Hold down any part of the keyboard to be able to move a cursor over the text that will allow us, among other things, to be able to go to a specific word to correct it, add text somewhere in the writing… .
  8. By holding down some keys on the keyboard, such as numbers, signs, vowels, some letters that have variants such as C, D, N… some variants will appear that you can use.
  9. If you want to type a number without leaving the letter keyboard, press and hold the ABC key and, without releasing it, slide your finger to the number you want to enter. It will be added without the need to switch to the numeric keypad.
  10. Double tap on a word to select it. Three touches to select a phrase. Four taps on a word to select a paragraph.
  11. You can copy images to the clipboard and paste them to send. For example, to send a photo on WhatsApp it is much easier to go to the reel, find the image, copy it and paste it in the conversation in which you want to attach it.
  12. It is not recommended to close apps since, although it may not seem like it, it increases battery consumption.
  13. It is better to deactivate automatic brightness to avoid the sensor that allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen from constantly acting. In this way we will save battery, but we will have to adjust the brightness by hand.
  14. Apps in the background, only the necessary ones. Do not activate all of them as it causes the iPhone to have excessive battery consumption. To select the ones you want to act in the background, go to Settings / General / Update in the background. In this article we talk about what it is and how to set background apps.
  15. In the camera app, you can take photos with the volume buttons. But, in addition, if you press and hold the volume up button, you will take a burst of photos. If you hold down the volume down button, you will record video.
  16. To mute a call, press the power button 1 time. If you want to reject the call, press it 2 times.
  17. If you want to draw perfect shapes, draw a shape like a circle, and when you’re done, hold for four seconds. It will draw only in the native apps of iOS like notes, iMessage… .
  18. You can translate the text of any website. pressing the button yy that appears on the right side of the part where the URL of the web appears, we select the option “Translate to Spanish” and it will automatically be translated into our language.
  19. If you want to select several photos at once, instead of doing it one by one, select one and drag and hold your finger on the screen, down or up to select all the ones you want.
  20. If you’re tired of apps reminding you to rate them, go to Settings/App Store and turn off the “In-App Ratings” option.
  21. In Photos, we can assign a caption to the photos and videos that we want. Swipe up and you will see that the possibility of doing so appears.
  22. The Live Photos can be given different effects if we click on the upper left where the concentric circles with the word “LIVE” appear. We can create a loop image, with bounce or long exposure.
  23. If you have two widgets of the same size on your home screen, you can stack them together. To do this, hold down one of them and move it just above the other as if you were going to make a folder. Once you do, you can change the widget by sliding your finger up and down on it.
  24. You can hide the notification preview in Settings/Notifications. By choosing the “Never” option, the notifications will never be displayed and this way no one will be able to snoop on your screen and see the messages you receive while the iPhone is locked. If you choose the “If unlocked” option, messages will not be displayed while the iPhone is locked, but as soon as you unlock it.
  25. In the settings, you can change the view of the app from standard to zoom to make it bigger (screen and brightness).

We hope you liked these 25 iPhone basics and these tips have helped you get more out of your iPhone.