6 reasons to use Netflix’s shuffle button

Netflix has undoubtedly opened a world of entertainment in our homes. From simply adding some of the best movies and TV shows, Netflix has become a leading producer of original content across all genres. Almost every week, Netflix adds something to its ever-growing portfolio.

However, as many of us know, more options do not necessarily mean easier options. We’ve all had those unnecessary discussions about what the evening’s entertainment will be. Fortunately, Netflix has a solution to this universal problem: the Netflix shuffle button.

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What is the Netflix shuffle button?

In 2021, Netflix released Play Something, Netflix’s long-awaited shuffle button feature. Designed to help you find a new series or movie similar to the ones you’ve seen before, an old favorite you may want to rewatch, or a show that started but never ended.

Many observant Netflix lovers will know that some of these features were previously available. Before Play Something, Netflix feeds already had Watch Again and Continue Watching. However, repackaging these features into a single button makes the experience more convenient for everyone.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be using Netflix’s Play Something feature today.

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1. You are bored with your Netflix feed

The Netflix algorithm recommends great movies and series for every type of compulsive watcher. However, it can also seem a bit repetitive. If you’ve had your Netflix membership for several years or have a history of dating distasteful people, your feed may be a mixed bag of all the things you’ve ever loved but have finally had enough of.

As time goes on, your diet may not have evolved with your taste for entertainment. With Netflix’s Play Something, you can have a second chance at finding new or old content that fits what you would like to watch today.

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2. Ideal for a spontaneous date night

Let’s face it, it can be difficult to find the perfect series to watch your significant other. After all, love can overcome many things, including questionable taste in content. Whether you’re a new couple finding your feet or you’ve been together for several decades, finding a movie or series that you both can enjoy can take a lot of work.

Netflix’s Play Something is a great way to spice up your Netflix Party date nights. With this, you can both be pleasantly surprised when you come across a diamond in the rough. Or at least they can’t blame each other when a movie doesn’t live up to expectations!

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3. Your friends have bad taste

Have you ever been so excited to watch a series that your friend couldn’t stop raving about? Only to find that it is incredibly slow, with very little plot and no visual appeal. While it is possible to remove content from the Continue Watching Netflix row, telling your friend that you didn’t enjoy their suggestion is an experience many of us would rather live without.

Fortunately, Netflix shuffling is a great way to make these awkward conversations a thing of the past. The next time you need to watch a new show, you don’t have to lose respect for a friend while you’re on it. While you can still ask for their advice, Play Something may choose an alternative when you’re not sold.

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4. You want to be more cultured

Over the years, Netflix has produced content with some of the best local creators out there. Learning about a new culture and seeing the best of the entertainment they have to offer has never been easier.

However, searching for the right programs in a different language can be challenging. Not all programs will have reviews with translations that you can understand. Also, a translated summary may not always do the show or movie justice. With Play Something, the one-inch barrier doesn’t have to prevent you from watching great content.

5. You have lost track of your programs

Known for releasing binge content one after the other, it’s not uncommon for us to leave a few unseen episodes off our Netflix roster before moving on to the next show. While many of us can move on without knowing the ending, sometimes a little closure is a good thing.

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Through Play Something, Netflix helps you find the (episode) that got away. Perhaps the reason you have nothing left to watch is that you have accidentally skipped some of the best Netflix has to offer.

6. You want to see old favorites

As we get older, nostalgia hits us like a train when we least expect it. Fortunately, Netflix has done a good job not only creating new content, but also bringing back those from simpler times. However, watching old shows or movies that we once loved comes with its fair share of risks.

Through the lens of your older self, you may find that some of your top shows didn’t age well with racist or sexist overtones. On the other hand, it can also mean that you may find an appreciation for characters or themes that you didn’t fully understand before.

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Play something on Netflix today

While there are many reasons why you should use Netflix’s shuffle button feature, you may simply want a new experience. You can be perfectly satisfied with your Netflix recommendations, but still enjoy the thrill of a new addition to your binge list.

If you love the thrill of ********, play a little game of Russian roulette with Netflix today. You may be a little disappointed or pleasantly surprised. Either way, there is not much to lose and much to gain.

Netflix is ​​always finding ways to make us spend more time watching your content. By looking for the ones that really connect with us and looking to the bottom, we are essentially casting our vote on what kind of content we want Netflix to do the most. It seems like a risk worth taking.

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