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AC Valhalla – Ubisoft surprised that the fictional idea from the game turned out to be true

A few days have passed since the premiere of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. During this time, we have already learned the most important elements of the game. Among the biggest novelties introduced by this installment of the series, one can definitely mention the possibility of expanding the settlement – Ravensthorpe (Krucza Przystań square). What’s most interesting, the creators of the title designed this place as fictional. It turned out, however, that they did not quite succeed and in fact such a village does exist, and in a very similar location.

One of the editors of the British Eurogamer drew attention to the matter – Oli Welsh. He revealed that he grew up in the area where Eivor’s headquarters were allegedly located. He also pointed out that there is indeed a town called Ravensthorpe. According to the lead writer AC Valhalla – Darby McDevitt – but it was a complete accident. He decided to explain the situation on Reddit, where this similarity was also noticed:

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We chose the name Ravensthorpe because Eivor belonged to the Raven clan (Raven) and thorpe means a small village. Then, we placed the settlement in the center of Mercia so that it is centered on the map.

Until a few months ago, we had no idea that Ravensthorpe was exactly right there in the real world. It is true that the actual Ravensthorpe does not run by a river, but in 1000 years it may not be. Rivers change course.

I think it’s a sign from Odin.

Admittedly, this seems like an incredible coincidence. However, an amendment should be taken to the fact that in Great Britain there are at least two more towns called Ravensthorpe, which increases the chance of such a phenomenon.

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