Add photos to iPhone on a scheduled basis without iTunes

I would like to know how to add photos to an iOS device without iTunes or any “iPhone explorer” program.

I have the image files and mounted the iPhone on a Linux machine which means I have access to some directories like DCIM and PhotoData.

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Now, how can I actually put the photos? I tried dropping them in DCIM, but of course it doesn’t work and despite the files there they don’t show up in the camera roll. Is there a particular thing to do after copying the files or a particular filename syntax to follow?

Apple plans to use the iCloud Photo Library. With this service, you can log into the iCloud site on your Linux machine, click Photos and then click the “Upload” link to select the images to upload. The phone does not have to be connected to the Linux machine, only to the Internet via WiFi, and it will sync the new photos. I’ve done this myself and it seems to work (not from a Linux machine, but with the Chrome browser).

The alternative would be to buy the camera connection kit or the lightning SD card adapter and set up an SD card just the way it would look like if it came from a camera, copying the images from the Linux machine. Note, I haven’t tried this but it should work as long as the directories on the SD card match how they will be created if they were created by a camera.

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