After updating to El Capitan, OS X imported my email accounts from my iPad

I just upgraded from Snow Leopard to El Capitan on an iMac since 2009. I believe my iPad is plugged in or something, but I found that the OS Mail app now had the accounts I had on my iPad! This is a huge no, no. I wasn’t even asked to do this, let alone not knowing how it could do it as only iTunes, AFAIK, syncs with iOS devices. How do I turn this off?

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More than likely, your Mac is synced with your iPad and got data from iCloud. Go to Settings -> iCloud and see if Mail is enabled. If so, and you don’t want these to sync together, turn it off. Then, you can simply delete the accounts from the Mail application on your Mac.

As for your question about other “surprises”, while in Settings on your iPad, take a look at all the other areas, such as Notes, Calendar, etc. That you don’t want to sync with your Mac.

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