Android and Google are preparing to greet passwords and welcome passkeys

The security industry FIDO (Fast Identify Online) is working for replace passwords and point to passkeys (on which Android and Google also prepare support). In practice, if they were adopted, access to any web service will no longer require a password but rather cryptographic keys will be exploited which will be stored on the device and operating system. Before going into the details of the passkeys, it may be interesting to take a look at the guide on how to find the Wi-Fi password from PC, smartphone and tablet.

In the case of Android, for example, the passkeys will be saved in the Google accountas it emerged in two strings of codes found in version 22.15.14 of the Google Play Services. In practice, it will be sufficient to remember the password of the Google account to access all web services.

Finally, here is the explanation provided by FIDO on passkeys: “When registering for an online service, the user’s client device creates a new key pair. It retains the private key and registers the public key with the online service. Authentication is performed by the client device which proves possession of the private key of the service by signing a dispute. “